Traditional, Parti, Chocolate and Chocolate Parti Yorkie Pups!

Traditional, Parti, Chocolate and Chocolate Parti Yorkie Pups!

Traditional, Parti, Chocolate and Chocolate Parti Yorkie Pups! Traditional, Parti, Chocolate and Chocolate Parti Yorkie Pups! Traditional, Parti, Chocolate and Chocolate Parti Yorkie Pups!


Holding Fee

 A deposit in the amount of $500 was received on____and applies to the full purchase price and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Buyer understands that NO MONEY IS REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. ALL additional money received is NON-REFUNDABLE and shall be deemed part of the holding fee should buyer choose to pay more on puppy before he/she is ready to leave. Buyer is to have said puppy paid in full by the agreed date of _____. If above said puppy is not paid in full by the agreed upon date there will be a daily late fee charge of $5 for up to 30 days. If puppy is still not paid in full  within 30 days of the agreed upon date (including late fees) buyer forfeits any money already given and seller may resell said pup to a second party. If buyer chooses to pay via Paypal, buyer agrees to NEVER under any circumstances dispute charges through Paypal to receive a refund of money. Buyer understands they are buying a live animal and that all money is non-refundable.

Buyer Initials:_____

Health Guarantee

  • In order to activate the health guarantee, the puppy MUST be seen by a licensed Vet within THREE (3) business days after purchase. Failure to do this VOIDS this guarantee. All findings must be (mailed) emailed to breeder, Ms. Charlie Linnear, at, this includes a perfect checkup.
  • I do not sell puppies that are sick, injured or suffer from any known genetic defects. If within the first year of puppies life the pup is diagnosed by at least TWO certified veterinarians as having a life threatening genetic defect that is not treatable, the buyer may return the puppy (at Buyers expense) for a comparable puppy of equivalent value (Breeders Choice) when one becomes available. Congenital defects of the heart, liver and kidneys are included. Luxating patellas, collapsing trachea and other defects that may occur by injury are not covered. Under "NO" circumstance is the pup allowed to be destroyed prior to notification of Seller!
  • There is no guarantee against diseases such as Parvo, Corona Virus, Distemper or Kennel Cough. To prevent your puppy from these diseases, please follow through with vaccinations and never take your puppy to public places before all vaccines are administered. Buyer is not responsible for any adverse reaction to future vaccinations. All expenses associated with return of puppy are the responsibility of the buyer. If buyer chooses to keep puppy after diagnosis, all related expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • In the event of death due to a congenital defect, a COMPLETE Autopsy Report must be preformed and a lab report made to determine cause of death. This is to be done by a licensed Veterinarian of breeders choice. If it is found that the puppy was abused in any way this guarantee is null and void. 
  • Buyers Initials:_____

Reversion Policy:

  • Should buyer become unable to care for the puppy during it's lifetime for any reason whatsoever, the buyer may return said dog to seller. The purpose of this is to ensure the proper care of the dog and to ensure none of my pups end up in a shelter or rescue environment.
  • Puppy is not to be resold under any circumstances unless permission is given by breeder. This prevents the "flipping" of dogs for profit. It upsets me when I sell a dog then see it on Puppyfind the next day for sell for more money! If you wish to sell your pup, please contact me first! I am easy to deal with. 
  • Buyer agrees to provide a loving and caring home for said puppy.
  • Buyer agrees to provide adequate nutrition including a high quality diet and fresh water always.
  • Buyer agrees that said puppy will NOT spend the majority of it's life in a kennel or pen, and will reside indoors at ALL times. Outside for potty and play are fine but NEVER force a pup to live outside. They are not meant for outdoor living.  By  initialing here you agree to never enforce this and if you do you agree to surrender pup/dog back to seller if reported to seller.
  • Buyer understands they are buying a puppy and that puppies can be destructive, require obedience training and/or potty training.
  • While I enjoy keeping up with my pups and their new owners through Social Media, Facebook, it is NOT mandatory. I respect your privacy but a pic would be nice every once in a while!  :)

Buyer Initials:_____

Liability Disclaimer:

  • Breeder is not responsible for any medical expenses that arise once buyer receives puppy. Breeder is not responsible for any expenses resulting from actions of puppy. There is no guarantee on luxating patellas due to injury, hypoglycemia or any other illness that is treatable and not considered life threatening.
  • Although puppy has been vaccinated, no guarantee is given against these diseases due to their unpredictable nature. Puppy is sold as a companion only. There is no guarantee on breeding quality, confirmation, coat, size or breeding soundness.
  • If any other arrangements shall be made by the breeder and buyer, they are to be made in written form and signed by both. Failure to do so warrants that this contract is still the legal binding contract.

Buyers Initials:_____

Legal Disputes:

Should any problems or legal disputes arise, buyer agrees to first contact breeder to solve any problems or disputes. Buyer agrees to NOT take any problems/disputes to social media. Buyer agrees that should legal disputes arise, they will be handled in Cheatham County, TN where breeder resides.

Buyer Initials:______


  • During transition period of going to a new home, puppy can exhibit signs of illness due to stress that may include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, constipation, etc. To help reduce signs of stress feed puppy same food as breeder provided and offer bottled water as well as taking reasonable measures to reduce stress......No long periods of rough play, no long periods of crying, slowly introduce puppy to household and limit time they are with strangers and other animals.

Buyers Initials:_____

***I reserve the right to cancel sale at any time and for any reason.***